P5 Updates

Here you will find a list of minor point releases which introduce new features and patch confirmed bugs in the P5 product line. Each version has its own set of patches available directly from Cakewalk's support web pages. However, because Cakewalk has reorganized their web site(s) and discontinued future development of the P5 software, you may find that some of the links to the downloads at Cakewalk's site are broken or entirely unavailable. Contact Cakewalk directly if you need a particular patch but cannot get at it on their web site.

General P5 Support

Cakewalk, Inc.'s Project5 Support Home is the official site containing links to everything Cakewalk, Inc. still has available for P5.

P5 Version 2

P5 V2 System Requirements
System ComponentMinimumRecommended
Operating SystemWindows 2000Windows XP. P5 does indeed work well on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit), especially with the P5 version 2.5 update which is compliant with the new programming practices recommended by Microsoft.
Processor/Speed1.2GHz Pentium or Athlon2.0GHz Pentium or Athlon
Memory Amount512MB1024MB
Hard Disk Space2.5GB5GB
Video Resolution1024 x 768, 16bit1280 x 1024, 32bit
Audio HardwareAny Windows compatible audio device using WDM, ASIO, or DirectSound drivers.
Installation MediaA DVD-ROM drive is required for installation.

P5 Version 1


P5 LE is a limited edition of P5 Version 2. It was only available bundled as an OEM software release with hardware devices like audio devices or keyboards from Cakewalk, Roland, Emu, and possibly other manufacturers. There are no updates for P5 LE.

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