P5 Book List

Here are books which are about P5 or topically related to P5.

P5 Books

Thumbnail photo of book cover. Project5 Power! (ISBN 978-1598634587) Simon Cann has written a book about P5 versions 2 and 2.5. Simon has also posted additional complimentary files available for download at his web site.

Instrument Books

Thumbnail photo of book cover. Cakewalk Synthesizers: From Presets to Power User (1st Edition ISBN 978-1598633146, 2nd Edition ISBN 978-1435455641) A great book from Simon Cann on the internal workings of many of Cakewalk's best synthesizers. There are two editions with the second edition having expanded content for additional Cakewalk synthesizers that were released after the first book was printed.

Thumbnail photo of book cover. How to Make a Noise (ISBN 978-0955495502) Another book from Simon Cann on general synthesis technologies.

Thumbnail photo of book cover. Sample This! (ISBN 978-0955495519) A book about samplers, sample libraries, etc. from Simon Cann.


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