Multiple Templates in P5 V2

It is not immediately obvious, but there is a way to manage multiple project templates for P5.

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By forum member MurderDethKill

How can you create more than one (default) template in P5 V2?

I have several different templates: One for when I want to use single monitor set up, and another for dual monitors, and one that has a special command set for my Korg Kontrol 49, as well as many others.

The way you do it is, first you set up P5 anyway you want (layouts, midi remote control setups, synths/device chains pre-loaded, auxiliary effects set-ups, etc.) and then Save the file either as a template file (Default which will permanently set your default start up), or do like I do - Save it as a Project file and then open Windows explorer, and rename the extension from .p5p to .p5t.

When you do this, you might want to create a P5 Template folder to save your alternate templates to, or you can save them to your desktop, like I do.

Example: I have a file named Dual monitor.p5t and another one called Single Monitor.p5t, both on my desktop. I just click on one or the other, depending how I want to work. When I'm finished editing the file I then go to the File Save File As... and save under a different name (not as a template...).

To open your save template just navigate to where you saved the .p5t file and just click it open.


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