Pattern Extraction

A slightly different twist on extracting small midi clips from larger ones.

This method is quicker for me than the other methods and maybe you'll think so too.

Ok, suppose you have a single midi clip that stretches for say, 16 bars. Let's assume there is a 2 bar section starting at measure 9 that you would like to use as a loop elsewhere. If you just split the clip at measures 9 and 11, you will get a shorter clip but it will still contain all the notes (before and after the clips borders) of it's parent clip so it has to be processed further in order for it to become an autonomous, loopable clip.

Try this:

  1. Click on the clip at measure 9 and hit "S", then...
  2. Click on the beginning of measure 11 and hit "S" again.
  3. Click on the clip at measure 10, or anywhere else within the clip for that matter, and hit "S" once more.
  4. Hit "M" to combine ('''M'''erge).

You now have a loopable midi clip that is independent of the larger clip it was extracted from. What do you think?

John (JoMal)

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