Advanced Groove Matrix

The Groove Matrix is a powerful tool but not everything you can achieve with it is apparent until you dig deep.

(Or what your mother never told you about GM)

Hi all,

In an effort to make more apparent the power of the Groove Matrix I wanted to offer some tips. Some things are not apparent until you dig deep. Some of these things increase your power exponentially. Having said that, here are a few things I've learned:

  1. Ctrl-click on a cell to play it without stopping others on the same track.
  2. Shift-click to stop playing all other cells and only play the one that is selected (a sort of "solo" button if you will)
  3. Now for the real fun...

  4. Right click on a cell and select "Play In Time With Song". This means the cell with always play from where it is in relation to the rest of the song and clips. This means when you trigger it and it may be, for example, on the last 1/4 note of a measure and starts from there and then loops around to the beginning. This is like playing legato in Cyclone and can be very cool and dramatic sounding.
  5. Somewhat related to 3 and this one I love. When you do Midi learn on something in the Groove Matrix, it will capture the event with "Note On" selected in the Midi learn dialog. If you change this to "Note On/Off" then your loops will play un-latched and only come in while you hold down the key...again like Cyclone. Are we starting to see the possibilities here?

The ramifications when you start juggling loops in this way and picking when and where various elements appear and disappear are rather extraordinary when you start getting used to it. There is much of what I've always loved about Cyclone here...but within a whole new framework. Of course Cyclone itself can be used on the side for slice re-arrangment madness.


Brandon Ryan

Original Source: Brandon Ryan [Cakewalk] on P5 Forum

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