Groove Matrix 101

Learn how to work the Groove Matrix in P5 V2.

Original Source: Brandon Ryan (Cakewalk) on P5 Forum

Just to make things simple, let's just work with audio first:

Using the loop browser below, populate the cells in the GM with loops, one shots, fills, sounds, whatever you want. You can preview them in the browser by just clicking the little play arrow next to the file. Each horizontal row is on a track meaning all loops, etc will play through whatever effects are on that track. So it's best to work vertically first. Start from the top and start adding loops and sounds until you have a cool groove built up. Then go to the top and name it something. Continue to the right and build some more vertical lanes of grooves. Name them as well.

Now once you have a few grooves put together, right click on the top where you named it and select "midi learn". Then hit a key or button on your keyboard. It will capture the input and then you can select OK to close the dialog. Hitting the key should start playback of that vertaical groove lane. Just repeat this "learn" process on the other vertical lanes and you will have keys or buttons that trigger your different grooves. You may want to create some space for fills also, as there is great satisfaction in hitting a button whenever you want, hearing a monster fill, and then bringing the groove back when ever you want by stabbing another button.

Now remember this is just the most basic use of the GM. You can also assign keys or buttons to individual cells in the GM so you can trigger them independantly of your entire vertical lanes. Understanding so far? I hope this is making sense. Also remember you can set the GM to trigger at various intervals. "Measure" is the safest, but I find 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 offers a whole lot more juggling fun depending on what you are doing.

Now...there are vaious options as to how clips and lanes trigger in the GM. I'll get to these in another post.

Have fun and keep us posted on your progress.


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