Make Groove Clips for Cyclone

Use P5's Groove Clips feature to create acidized .wav files with slices that can be recognized by Cyclone.

Cyclone DXi uses acidized loops (which Cakewalk software refers to as groove clips). Non-acidized audio clips will play in Cyclone DXi, but will show up as one big block which is not subdivided and it won't follow tempo when played.

P5 can turn a standard wave file into a groove clip which can then be played in Cyclone:

  1. Import the audio clip into a track.
  2. Highlight the imported audio clip.
  3. Press CTRL-L on the computer keyboard--this converts the audio clip into a groove clip and displays it in the editor window.
  4. In the editor window arrange the slices as necessary; edit the sensitivity and such.
  5. When you are done editing and slicing then save the clip from the edit window to disk as a groove clip.
  6. Load up Cyclone DXi on a new track.
  7. Load your new groove clip audio file into Cyclone--you should now see that Cyclone recognizes the slices.

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