Using Project5 Synths in SONAR

Expose Project5 soft-synth automation parameters in SONAR.

Inserting Project5 Synths into a SONAR Project

The synths that come bundled with Project5 are standard DXi instruments. When the Project5 installer loads the softsynth programs onto your computer it will register these softsynths with Windows. Once registered, these softsynths should be available like any other DXi instrument in the SONAR user interface ''"Insert | DXi Synth"'' or by right-clicking on an audio track's effects bin and selecting ''"DXi Synth"'' from the popup menu.

Automating DXi Controls

When attempting to use a Project5 synth (such as PSYN) it is often desired to automate the synth's controls (like filter cutoff). The standard method of adding a DXi to a project creates a DXi track (which is a special type of audio track) and a MIDI track. The MIDI track sends data to the DXi track which hosts the DXi synth. However, when creating automation envelopes for the DXi none of the DXi automatable parameters are exposed to the SONAR user interface--thus it would seem that SONAR cannot control these parameters.

However, there is a work-around. The soft-synth can be added as a DXi ''effect'' in a normal audio track's effects bin instead of added as a DXi instrument track. When added in this way the DXi's automatable parameters are then exposed to the SONAR user interface.

Try these steps to expose the PSYNII parameter controls as an example:

  1. Create new empty SONAR project.
  2. Insert new blank audio track.
  3. Right-click the audio track's effects bin and select "DXi Synth | PSYNII"
  4. Set the audio track's output to your master bus or your master audio out.
  5. Set the audio track's input to 'None'.
  6. Insert a new blank MIDI track.
  7. Set the MIDI output of the MIDI track to PSYNII.
  8. Set the MIDI Input to your MIDI input controller.
  9. Set the channel as desired.
  10. Set the Bank as desired.
  11. Set the program as desired.

You now have a MIDI track that drives the PSYNII DXi. To control the filter cutoff using an envelope select the Audio track, right click in the time line for that track and from the popup menu select ''"Envelopes | Create Track Envelope | PSYNII"''. This will bring up all of the PSYNII's automatable controls (there is ALOT of them) for you to select. Pick the filter cutoff option.

Now you can use this new envelope to control PSYNII's filter cutoff. This work around may work for other soft-synths as well.

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